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ethe·real (ē thir′ē əl, i-)   el·e·ments \ˈe-lə-mənts\


You have encountered this message for a reason. A higher purpose, if you will. You may have experienced deep within, a part of you that knows life beyond this one. You may sense that you are from a higher place, connected to the stars. You are right ~ we are star beings living a human life…

This is a most auspicious time as we approach a great shift in global and universal consciousness. We have the opportunity along with our mother planet to raise our frequencies and fuse our consciousness with the higher realms. It is our time to re-connect with our star selves…

As with any task this requires tools. To build a house you need a hammer and nails, to open a door you need a compatible key…this shift of consciousness requires our personal participation. You need the spiritual tools to raise your frequency. I like to call these “elements” rather than tools. These specific tools for the new age is what I call ‘ethereal elements’, or spiritual tools…

Ethereal elements clothing was created to assist you in the great shift. The other tools that can help raise consciousness are:Dancing, music, art, meditation, toning, crystals, yoga, magic potions, shamanism and all healing techniques…

We have ethericaly encoded each of our garments with star energy so that when one wears our clothing it will assist in connecting them with their higher self and higher realms. We recommend using the other spiritual practices along with wearing ethereal elements in order to achieve full galaktivation…


Be the tip of the comet even if you are the end!….
…Dive within to swim amongst the stars….


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